Marie Schaeller is an author, artist, fiddle player, and avid book reader. She has worked as a bartender, warehouse worker, silk-screener, and skateboard shop owner. Marie lives, writes, and reads in the coal region of Pennsylvania. Music and history inspire most of her travels, and Marie loves going to see the Dropkick Murphys at different venues each year.

Exploring Atlantic Canada is her second published book, and it showcases some of the natural beauty, vibrant music, scrumptious food, and rich local history that the area has to offer.  The goal of the book is to inspire others to take a trip and visit this part of Canada or any dream trip they may be putting off until "someday".





Marie Schaeller is usually found reading a book.  When she isn't reading, she is writing.  Her passion is giving a voice to others that may feel that they have been silenced.  Her first published book was Breaking the Chains of Silence:  One Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor's Journey Into Adulthood and the Statute of Limitations that Protects Predators.  


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