They're here!

When this project started, it was mostly inside me.  I started writing, and it ended up on my computer.  But now...  It is a professionally printed book.  In my hands!!  I can't even describe how exciting it is to hold my book.  Now it feels real.

I ordered these books for Breaking the Chains of Silence community awareness event this Sunday at the Schuylkill Haven Island Park Complex.  The focus of the day is on supporting survivors and raising awareness in the community that it happens here and what everyone can do about it.  For a flier, click here.

Paperback books are $16.95 and available at and

I can't wait until Sunday!  My ebook is launching on Amazon and will be FREE for download during the community awareness event at the Island.  If you can't come out and support in person, please download the ebook when it is free:  Sunday July 31st and Monday August 1st.