Launching Exploring Atlantic Canada Ebook.

A few days ago, I uploaded my new ebook Exploring Atlantic Canada to the Amazon store.  It is an interesting feeling when you see your book listed for the first time.  

The process and journey through writing, editing, revising, more editing, proofreading, formatting, and launch can be similar to a rollercoaster ride.  There are highs, lows, hill climbing, loopy loops, and more.  It can be emotional, exciting, full of fear and doubt, solitary, and so much more.

Exploring Atlantic Canada is my second book I have written and published.  As the launch approached, I kept feeling as if I was "forgetting to hook up the doll" like Wyatt said in the movie Weird Science.  I loved that movie when I was a younger!  It was sad to find out that Bill Paxton passed away this weekend.  He played Chet in Weird Science, the beefed up older brother that said it was snowing in his room.  Some other films including Bill Paxton include Titanic, Apollo 13, Edge of Tomorrow, and many more including the as yet unreleased The Circle.

I can't wait to see how the book launch progresses.  I am beginning the book formatting process now to get the paperback version ready for publishing.  Meanwhile, if you are interested in checking out the ebook on Amazon you can do so here.

This whole publication journey would not be possible if it wasn't for readers.  Thanks for your support and reviews!  Leaving a review helps other readers find their next book.  I'm excited to share this screenshot from Amazon today!  My travel memoir is a hot new release and on the way to #1 in Atlantic Canada Provinces category.