Consistency and Creativity

For the last week, I have painted a 5x5 inch small painting and posted the finished result on Instagram.  I know in order to complete my 100 day project, I need to be consistent-- on a daily basis.  

I have found that consistency doesn't hurt my creativity, it promotes and sparks it.  My goal with this blog is to consistently post every single Monday.  It can be updates on my books, the book publishing journey, inspiration, or #BookLove for a book I recently devoured.  I want to share with my readers on a consistent basis.  It is a work in progress.

As for Instagram, I'm learning the platform and starting to really like it.  Each day this week I have posted a completed, and sometimes still wet, painting.  I didn't wait for inspiration, or a Muse, or permission.  I knew each day I needed to complete a painting.  I started and went with it.  Creativity usually showed up after I started.

Before this week, I had not used acrylics.  I had previously bought a cheap set from the craft store that came with a set of brushes.  For all my paintings I have used a #8 round brush, a plastic pallet knife (for color mixing), and the plastic pallet that came with it.  Nothing fancy, but it works.  The only extras were a tube unbleached titanium and a bottle of acrylic fluid for the glaze I needed to mix for the bread and butter painting.

What I'm getting to, is that I'm not a fine arts major.  I took Experimental Art in high school and was able to learn the importance of keeping a sketchbook (which I always have in my purse) and we learned the basics of watercolor and oil painting.  I liked both of those mediums.  Oil painting has more steps to clean up and isn't feasible if you don't have a studio or space for the painting to be wet for days.

Acrylics offer easier clean up for your brushes with water and faster drying times.  For the most part that holds true, but at times I feel like it doesn't dry fast enough!  But what I am trying to say is that I think anyone interested in giving it a go, should try acrylics.  This medium is beginner friendly and fun to try out.

To recap, consistency is not easy.  It is a constant work in progress.  However, I think that the more consistent we are, the more Creativity shows up.

Try this week to be consistent with something whether it is practicing your musical instrument, writing, or painting.  Keep at it and you'll reach your goals.  Jump in and get started!

Week one of the #100DayProject completed!

Week one of the #100DayProject completed!