Three Weeks into A New Creative Habit

There is an observation that you need a minimum of 21 days of a new habit in order for it to kick in.  I crossed over that threshold today with my 22nd consecutive day of finishing a painting a day in my #100DayProject.  (I included a picture of my process below.)

Consistency is the key.  Every day making it happen and count.

I have tried so many different techniques, new color mixing, adding Flow-Aid, painting shadows and so much more.  The biggest eye-opener to me, has been how many shadows I see.  Everywhere.  From my dog's shadow when she was standing in the grass outside to the moving shadows as the sun sets.  

Along the way, by default, I learned a bunch about Instagram.  I had a blast getting inspired by several painters from portrait to graffiti to sculpture.

Inspiration is all over the place.


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant.

This book is a short read with a very important message.  Two of my favorite quotes from the book were:

"Real growth comes through intense, difficult, and challenging situations."

(What can you do to challenge yourself this week?  I know what I'm challenging myself with.)

"The truth is to love yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up if you were hanging off a cliff with your fingers.  As if your life depended on it."

Don't let go of it.  Loving yourself is something that will be important for today, tomorrow, and the next day.