Making Each Day Count

I was browsing my bookshelves for a book to read, and I pulled out Make Today Count by John C. Maxwell.  This book was a purchase I made when Walden Books was still open, several years ago.  It is a book that really made me think.  At the time, the author's assertion that he could tell how successful someone was by following them for a day (any day), seemed unlikely to me.

Reading it now, I think differently about that claim.  I tend to agree with him.

Mainly because what is done daily showcases what you are prioritizing, what is important to you.  In that light your day takes on a new shape.  In a year filled with loss, it has been hammered home more often than not that there are no guarantees.  This moment is all I have and I'm striving to make each day count.  This book is a short read and has some interesting points that it makes.  It is a short read, and worth the time spent on reading it.

My favorite passage from the book is:

"What you become is the result of what you do today.  Every day of your life is merely preparation for the next."

If someone followed you around for 24 hours what conclusions would they draw?  Are those conclusions an accurate portrayal?