Standing at the Corner of Should and Must.

Did you ever feel like there were signs that you were on the right path?  I had a song stuck in my head, The Foggy Dew by Sinead O'Connor.  Random, I know.  Her version of the song is used by the Dropkick Murphys when they are playing live as an intro for them to come out on the stage to.  

I hopped onto YouTube to listen and watch the video.  The next video to play was a Chase Jarvis interview with Elle Luna.  You can find that video here, it is part of the 30 Days of Genius Series by CreativeLive.

Previously, I had started to watch this video but had to leave before listening to the whole thing.  When the signs led me back to it, I had to see it.  Once I watched the whole video, it inspired me.  She mentioned her Twitter handle and I went over to Twitter to check it out.  

The signs kept on coming.  Her agent posted that her book was on promo right now.  I went to Amazon and one clicked on that right away.

Her book is colorful and a quick read that I highly recommend!


At the Crossroads of Should and Must:  Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna.

In the book, Elle defines Should as "how other people want us to live our lives".  As opposed to Must, which is "who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest most authentic self."

One line that stood out to me and followed me long after I finished reading was:  "If you believe that you have something special inside of you, and you feel it's about time you gave it a shot, honor that calling in some small way-- TODAY."

I am standing at the corner of Should and Must from moment to moment through my days, and you are too.  It is the choice we make in that moment that leads us forward.  The way she put it to choose a same way to honor that today.  Not tomorrow.  Not a huge jump into the unknown, but a small, doable way.  Follow a sign and head in the direction of your MUST.

Can you do something small today to turn down the road of must instead of should?